Aces is the teen club in Up-Town Japan which is open every Friday and Saturday night where Koiko Kanishan DJ's until 6 in the morning when it closes. Aces is open from 6 pm to 6 am on Friday's and 8pm to 4 am on Saturdays. Aces is ran by and owned by Mr.Twinkle a rich man who also owns many of the buildings in Up-Town.Yuii and Takuran like coming here on Friday nights to eat and talk and they can see alot of their fellow classmates. You need to be 13-17 years old to get in and have to regisiter with a parent to get onto "The List" and get a card before any entrance. No beer or drugs is allowed by you can buy really good food there and there are all sorts of games in the arcade room and a dance floor. Aces was built only 5 years ago and Koiko has had the job for a year because the old DJ moved away to Paris. Aces usually has major theme's and you can have a birthday there. You can play cards but you can't gamble with real money and are given poker chips and watched by one of the staff members who is played as the dealer. Also there is a swimming pool but it's only used for beach themes and early morning partys.


Aces is a pretty recently built teen club being built only 5 years ago. The first couple of months that it was open is was meant to be an adult club but due to lack of popularity, Mr. Twinkle the manager of many buildings in Up-Town, Tokyo, Japan including Aces changed it to a teen club and the only one in Up-Town Japan. It got a lot of hype and popularity was given towards the new found club.

Aces was once Dj'd by a man somewhere in his 20's who had a major passion for music. He could also speak multiple languages which got him signed onto some french record company where he is still signed today and is quite famous.

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