Cari Nada is a 9 year old girl who has long pink haired (dyed from brown). She loves the color pink and is very girly and hyper. She loves meeting new people and animals and is happy even in the worst kind of situations. She is also a wielder yet not so much of an important one but she can see the dead spirits and she has other powers that may help Yuii and the gang in the future. Cari always think that she can make anyone smile but so far has been unsuccesful towards her best friend Tamitan but she knows one day that she will make her smile. The two girls are said to be twins like Lynn and Hirm but it has been said that they aren't twins but something happened to them when they were younger but they don't seem to remember a thing about their past even at their young age. Cari met Yuii, Koiko and Takuran at the sushi mart and she bought them pressed sushi. Cari comes from a rich family and has an older sister but is never said what her sister's name is but it is said that she goes to universary in the U.S.A. Cari also has a pet dog and a large garden yet doesn't like the rose flower because she says that it says that love hurts and you hurt it if you remove the thorns (she was told this by a ghost age 14).

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