The Cave of Life is where the gate of the opening is held and where the events of the world is gathered. The cave of life is the storage of the tablet of connections. Whenever a wielder goes into the cave they are lured to their emblem and when they touch it it glows and connects with them. When a connector touches their emblem their weapon is summoned yet so far only Yuii is the known connector of light out of three. When Yuii touched it she summoned her staff and whenever she needed help the staff is summoned. The Cave was first shown when Yuii got lost during the heavy storm. She found the cave and stayed there the night for shelter. The Cave is known by Hiracul and she knows of it's mystical powers. She knows that the cave is not in the future because the tablet inside cracked like glass when the war was finished. Not much is known of the Cave but the connectors and wielders must all gather there to open the gate of opening and led into a world unknown. The world is said to be the border of the three worlds called the twilight circle. The twilight circle is said to be broken up world where the three generals reign and all must be brought to peace and come to an agreement to destroy the war and end the broken twilight circle. Also it is said that in the twilight circle is where all memory is stored and if you venture to the darkest point is where your past memorys lie. The memories there are the ones of sadness and the ones in the nature world are the unknown catergory and the world of light is for happiness, love and cherished ones.

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