Haku is a 14 year old girl who deeply has a crush on Kadri and envies Kiritan . Kiritan is also her rival for singing because the two of them both are singers. Haku is the wielder of fire and she is said to burn herself when she catches Kadri looking at Kiritan and when she cries it comes out as lava. Haku may be 14 but is said to live alone most of the time and her only visitor ever is Kadri but begins to hate him because he thinks of them as only friend like family and she then keeps her distance from everyone and the world. She has long black hair and ruby red eyes which are said to resemble the flames of her heart. Haku is never seen at school but is said to take night school and Haku also hates Hiracul because of her ice and closeness to Kadri. Haku doesn't actually have any friends except Kadri and grips onto him for as long as she can because she feels alone in the world. Her mother works as an airplane pilot and flies as long as she can to have as much money as possible. Haku has brothers except they live with her dad who she doesn't see much because they live in Korea. Haku is half korean and half japanese and her mom and dad would always argue because of the ways of their livings of the japanese and korean.

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