Hiracul Yoichi isn't just the wielder of ice. She traveled from 200 years in the future and didn't like what she saw. So when she found Yuii lost and thought was the true hero, she adoptted her. She acted more like a mom other than a sister. Hiracul is the Class president and has never gotten something less than a A-. Hiracul isn't just the Ice weilder she actually connected to someone symbol. The symbol for time. When they both touch it together they end out finding out that they are both family yet he is inside of her. Hiracul is 13 and is actually younger then Yuii. But she's a grade higher than Yuii. The wielder of time who is inside of her is accidently released by Yuii. Hiracul has short black hair and likes the color blue. She tends to over react to Yuii because of her non concern for her school work and this happens daily. Hiracul loves everything neat and tidy and hates it when Yuii messes up but she still deeply admires her. Hiracul is never stated to have any powers besides her ice ones of her own ( the time travel being the on of Kadri Ortande the boy inside of her and her only true family who is still alive) but it is said that Hiracul has a weapon which is most likely a staff but never seen using something to defend herself except her ice powers. Hiracul is close friends to Kadri, Hirm and Kiritan and envies Haku because of her being enemies with Kiritan and being the wielder of fire. Hiracul is never care free and always seems to keep herself busy especially for student counsel details.

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