Horima Tatri is said to be a wielder yet it is unknown if she is an important one or not. Horima is the youngest character in the whole show and is age 5 and a half. She is said to still lives in Korea and has something to do with the Sakura family. Horima goes to Happy Elementary School and skipped two grades to be a grade 2. Horima has golden eyes and medium sized crystal blue hair. She isn't too open to strangers but loves her friends and family. She is said not to have a sad background story but it seems that she does because she is said never to wear long sleeves and shorts because of scars. She isn't very athletic but very smart and has a pet bunny that is white with a brown and black spot around her eye. Horima loves the colors blue, green and purple and doesn't like the color pink. She thinks dolls are creepy and that doll houses are boring. She does though love stuff animals and wants one day to study them and live with them. She thinks that every living creature is the same and all should be treated evenly. Horima is known to be very smart but she is not very neat and doesn't like to make friends and meet new people. Horima sticks to her mom alot and she never met her dad which might have something to do with the sadness. Her mom does not hurt her and it might mean that Horima gives herself scars with some sort of way to release emotions unknown that she shouldn't be feeling and that she feels some how empty on the inside. She is cheery when it comes to school and she loves watching movies more then reading books and hates playing video games. Horima secretly loves singing and her idols are Kiritan Sakura and Haku Sakino and she thinks that the two of them should get along and one day wishes to meet them in person.

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