Kadri Ortande is a 14 year old boy with the same birthday as Hiracul because he was trapped inside of her until he was released by Yuii by accident. Kadri isn’t very open and has a crush on Kiritan but keeps his distance from her. It is said that Kadri is the wielder of time and stops time to let out his unreleased emotions calm down. He is only open to Haku and Hiracul who he treats both like his sisters that he can tell anything to. Kadri has teal hair and dark blue eyes and wears the color green alot. He lives with Hiracul and Yuii but only spends the night to sleep but the rest of the day disappears usually caught wandering the school yard or down town. Kadri is also said to have a secret hideout that is really far away and has to freeze time to get there but it's said to be worth it. Kadri doesn't mess around with time much but of course only he notices and he has never traveled into the future or the past without Hiracul and when the two were younger the story was told of how they were held together. Their parents hid Kadri away inside of Hiracul because the dark and evil side wanted to freeze time and kill all the soliders.

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