Sakura Kiritan a 14-year old girl who loves to sing. She used to be shy about her feelings, but she found a way to tell the world by her voice. She is also a wielder but the one of the psychic abilities. She has a high pitched voice and is quite girly and very kind. Kiritan wants to show the world all that she knows because Kiritan doesn’t have a father because of his unknown death. Kiritan seems to have a crush on Kuro. She has light brown hair (lighter then Yuii's) and rose colored eyes which everyone loves. She is very cute and loves to be free in world which isn't a happy one. She likes horse back riding but doesn't seem to be a family person since she always says that her friends are more like her family then her family every was. Her brothers are only slightly mentioned but are always said to bully her and her mother is a drug-addict and she says that it is cruel because her mom takes some of her money that she earned to buy drugs and high priced coccaine. Kiritan is very close to Hiracul and treats Yuii like a little sister. Her birthday being the only one ever stated is May 27 and her blood type is a A. Kiritan never was good at school except anything artistic and she makes her song with the DJ of the school Koiko.

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