Koiko Kanishan is a 13 year old girl in Yuii’s class who is the ‘Dj’ of the class. She loves to dance but isn’t much of a singer. She loves the beat and can make an amazing mix out of songs from a children’s network. She is Yuii ’s best friend and Takuran ’s best friend too. The trio love to get into trouble and eat pressed sushi after school everyday. Koiko is the only one out of the three girls who actually has a job and she is a DJ at the teen club "Aces" who mixes her skills up every friday and Saturday night. She also does all the music with Takuran for Kiritan Sakura 's album and one of Haku 's songs but the song was a very unsuccessful hit because it was said to send bad waves to childrens brains and make them believe and see weird things. Koiko is the wielder of Thunder and always thinks things are way too dark but never notices the flashing lights because she always wears heavy duty sunglasses except during class where she wears glasses that turn into shades if struck by sun rays. Koiko is carefree and loves to rock out and only knows how to play the electric and bass guitar. She used to be in a band until she moved to Tokyo. She was born in Osaka, Japan and has light yellow hair and sea blue eyes. She loves wearing headbands and bows and has one little brother named Evan who also has light yellow hair and sea blue eyes. Koiko also does Yoga and meditates because she says that she needs to release energy because she takes in too many sun rays.

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