Kuro Sorak is a 14 year old boy who is admire by everyone except Haku which makes him develop a crush for her. Kuro follows Haku’s ways and despises Kiritan but she continues to love him more than everyone else and she never gives up on him. Kuro has brown hair but his eyes are a mystery but no one asks why. He is part of every school club he can join and is captain of them all except student counsel yet he has nothing against Hiracul for coming over his position. Kuro always smiles but they are never real but they seem to be. Looks can be deceiving is his favorite quote and Kuro doesn’t seem to be one sided. Kuro never really cares too much about people but he needs to blend in. Kuro is also a singer and has done a duet with Kiritan due to a competition. Kuro did not try his best but still won the contest which led to Haku hating him even more. Heartbroken, Kuro learned the ways of a secret tribe and earned to be a wielder of spells and he is still learning but is said to be part light and part night. Kuro lives with his mom, dad and little sister and he does not have a dark past and was never meant to be a wielder but changed destiny.

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