Lynn and Hirm Zelx are identical twins. With Opposite personalitys. The war moved on to china so Hirm and Lynn ran away leaving there family behind for safety reasons. They thought that the war wouldn't lead into the east part where there family was living. But it did. Hirm got a message and left Lynn behind. Everyone thought Hirm was the only wind and they all lost hope. But lynn got the power as they saw a green light. But Hirm never made it out alive.or did she? Hirm is the older sister who is responsible and never seem to get most attention due to her quiet voice. Lynn is the littele sister who never does well with orders and loves the spotlight and is always dreaming big.The twins are both 14 years old and both are destined to help. The two each how long brown hair that they both agree to put into two ponytails but on occasion they don't mirror each others hair. They never mirror each others dressing styles since Lynn loves wearing the color pink and is a girly girl who doesn't seem to care much about anything except herself, her friends and the spotlight while Hirm is a darkened girl who is said to cut herself and always is found wearing black red or purple usually mixed together but Hirm is an excellent student but she confuses everyone with her constant mode swings. They are the wielders of wind but Hirm is the original. When Hirm was said to die and the light gave Lynn her powers that when Lynn touches the emblem it is only half full since she and Hirm are identical twins. It is unknown if Hirm touched the emblem before if it would only be half full and there is an arguement because of this and it is also unknown if its going to be released. The two girls have nothing in common except their faces and hair styles but because of the way they are they can easily be identified of who is who. Lynn is attractive to boys because of her confidence while Hirm becomes very close friends to Hiracul and she tells her all of the stories of being very close to the war because it is warned that it is coming closer to Japan. Lynn and Hirm are not Japanese but love the ways of Japan even though they are chinese. They love to cosplay and hate having chinese cermonies while all of their fellow classmates think it's very cool.

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