Takuran de Mizu is a 13 year old girl who is very hyper and loves to yell and tell people what to do. She isn’t as independent as people think she is but she isn’t happy to receive help because it makes her feel helpless. She is in Yuii’s class and her and Yuii love to fool around during it so her and Yuii usually aren’t (never are) the best students in their class. Yuii, Koiko and Takuran are the best of friends and are the rockstars of class. Takuran can play every instrument thinkable which helps Koiko with her music mixes. Takuran loves the colors blue and purple so much she dyed her hair blue and purple but it is never said her natural hair color. Takuran is also very sporty but not at all artistic. Takuran and Hiracul won the sports day at school by being partnered up (No choosing who to be with). Takuran when she is calm and sad her light blue eyes darken and she seems very hidden from the world. Takuran grew up with a big family and is loved dearly and can always be there to cheer on of the members of her family up but keeps a diary which is said to hold many different secrets. Takuran de Mizu is the wielder of water and loves to go swimming every summer with her family and friends and also loves surfing. Takuran also loves to snowboard when it's too cold to do any summer activities but loves the water alot more then the snow and she owns a fish tank with 3 fish. She couldn't think of any good names for the 3 gold fish so they remain: Mr.Goldie, Mrs.Goldie and Goldie Jr.

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