Tamitan Yuii is a 9 year old girl who has dark and white hair for reasons that have to do with her past. She is not an open person and she does not talk much unless asked to. She usually answers in one word sentences except to her best friend Cari Nada who is her opposite. Some people say that Tamitan and Cari can both see ghosts but it has only been stated that Cari can so far. Tamitan has a darkened past and is adopted and does not like anything the Cari does (people and animals) but they still know each other very well. Even though Tamitan seems darkened she does not wear the color black but alot of the color pink because Cari thought it would open her up. She still has yet to smile and has no siblings that she knows about but she cannot remember anything about her past. She has rose colored eyes and seems to be confused about everything and is said to climb trees and just gaze up into the sky. She is wielder but not an important one and she has been to the cave many times but no on knows why she goes there.

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