Yuii is the 14 year old girl main character. All she thinks about is pressed sushi and lost her family when she was 6 years old. All Yuii thinks about is Pressed sushi which is the food Hiracul gave her on the day Hiracul adopted her. Yuii has an unknown power but all that everyone knows is that...She can fly.


Yuii doesn't remember anything about her past even though she wishes she does. It doesn't seem like Yuii knows much about anything that goes around her like the war of dark and evil against the warriors of light but all we know is that Yuii plays a part in that and she cannot escape her destiny just like anyone else. Although, the reason behind why Yuii can't remember anything has something to do with her father.

When she was young she became part of Hiracul's family although she can't remember much except the fact that, that is how she developped her passion for Pressed Sushi because it was the first dish that Hiracul and her had together.

It is believed because of her first flashback that Yuii was born in a small brown hut with a roof made of straw and was surronded by candles that flickered and was born in some type of ceremony way.

Yuii's has sudden flashbacks but she can never remember anyone in them or their voices. She always seems to hear people calling her name but she can't regonize their voices. Yuii never seems to think about her past and after a flashback she only remembers her flashback for a few minutes but she has a terrible short term memory.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Yuii doesn't like wearing the same clothes and likes light and slack clothes like baggy ones and she loves trying out new things and never feels like a fool when her style choices go wild and turn out crazy. Yuii is very care free and doesn't seem to worry much about anything which always gets her into trouble and likes to be lazy at one moment but hyper then very next, so she might be bipolar.She along side Koiko and Takuran is one of her classes, class clowns and all of them failed a grade because of their behavior.

She has medium light brown hair and likes wearing the color pink but doesn't think of herself as a girly girl because of her random, hyper and exciting personality.

Under all her happiness her staff is what resembles her better than she knows herself because Yuii is a has such a powerful heart like the glowing heart on top her staff but is gently dashed with a gentle blue line because of the missing part of her life...Her past.

When Yuii was younger she was a rather dark child. She was very shy and the polar opposite to her personality right now but she can't remember her past and thinks that she was always as happy as she is now.

Yuii has only won two things ever and one was a pressed sushi eating contest and the other was a dance competition at Aces. Yuii tries Yuii's class is class 3C Moon Class and her teacher is Mrs. Branni, a teacher from Australia.

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