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Yuii no Yoichi Wiki is an encyclopedia about everything about the anime Yuii no Yoichi. The main character Yuii, is destined to stop a war between dark and what is right. Yuii is destined to stop it whether she likes it or not! Although Yuii has to save the world she does not have to do it alone, she has her friends and family and everyone who will help her along the way. The world will never be the same until then, and the war still rages on today. This is a romance/adventure story which has to deal with death and the dead. This wikia mostly talks about the Characters and some of the settings. I hope you Enjoy this Fan-made Wikia.


  • The anime is about to begin!

Yuii no Yoichi Kiritan Sakura AlbumEdit

The release of her debut album will be released May 12

Latest activityEdit

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